Now we have started with C and D programs.

At us at Motor Traffic School you can also take the driver’s driver’s license for truck and bus. You always get an individually tailored education, which can lead you straight into work life. At the traffic school we have insight and understanding of our customers’ industries, which means that we work closely together to suit your company’s needs. For those who want to train you to professionals, our industry knowledge means that you, along with the latest news, are also given an education that is anchored in long experience of the professional driver’s work. We primarily train in the heavy competencies but also offer supplementary education you may need.

Your steps towards your new C and D driving license.

  • Get a medical certificate.
  • Fill in and submit an application for a driving license to the Swedish Transport Administration. You can find the form here:
  • Come to us and put up an education plan and shop for your study material. Now you can decide how to pay your education and more.
  • Book a driving lesson! Together with you, we’ll review everything you need to be able to agree and how to proceed.
  • We can offer a complete material for distance learning. What you need is an internet connection to train using distance tests. You can also choose to sit in our computer studio and then get help with the plugin.
  • Knowledge Test at the Swedish Transport Administration.
  • After completion of the test, we focus on completing the education and booking time for driving tests.